Max Fashion Unlocks Brand-Formance and Delivers 8x ROAS During Shopping Season


incremental reach from First Commercials & Commercials 


lift in ad awareness amongst females


lift in ad awareness amongst Snapchatters age 25 - 34 years


ROAS for app purchase campaigns

The Story

Max Fashion is one of the largest value-fashion brands in the Middle East catering to the mid-market segment, selling its own-label apparel for women, men and children.

Looking to target new and younger users during Black Friday, Max Fashion partnered with Snapchat to acquire new audiences for their app and deliver high sellout through the shopping season.

The Solution

A few days prior to Black Friday and in order to build their audience, Max Fashion ran bursts of First Commercials and Commercials as part of their top of the funnel strategy.

Then, they retargeted this audience during Black Friday peak days leveraging video formats such as Snap Ads and Story Ads, optimizing towards Conversions (App Installs and App Purchases).

The Result

The results have exceeded Max Fashion’s expectations, with First Commercials and Commercials delivering +45% incremental reach1 on top of their existing video campaigns, +8pts lift in Ad Awareness amongst females and +9pts lift in Ad Awareness amongst Snapchatters aged 25 - 34 years old.2

The overall Black Friday campaign delivered a $0.95 CPI for campaigns optimizing towards App Installs and 8x ROAS for app purchase campaigns.3

"Historically we used Snap for conversions to address bottom of the funnel needs. However for the White Wednesday period, reaching & acquiring new customers was a key focus area and hence Commercials and first commercials were identified as the key placements for top of the funnel activity. Commercials allowed us to reach a wide audience and deliver our message in a very engaging manner."

Bala Subramaniam, Head of Omni-Channel

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1 Snap Inc. internal data November 6 - November 27, 2021
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 698 Snapchat users November 8 - November 27, 2021. Control n= 314 exposed n=389
3 Branch (MMP), November 6 - November 27, 2021