The Beauty of Snapchat: Matas Celebrates Lucrative Black Friday Collaboration


higher ROAS compared to other platforms


lower CPC/Cost Per Swipe Up compared to other platforms


higher CTR compared to other platforms

The Story

With 263 brick-and-mortar stores, a thriving e-commerce presence and more than 2,500 employees, Matas's position as Denmark’s largest health, beauty and personal care retailer is not in dispute.

But, as Black Friday approached, the retailer decided to implement changes to its marketing strategy and – thanks to Snapchat – they proved far from cosmetic.

Eager to reach consumers keen to capitalise on the weekend’s offers, Matas partnered with Snap to boost awareness, consideration and conversion in order to drive profitability during a key shopping period.

The Solution

Reconsidering its approach to audience targeting – Matas traditionally focuses on female consumers aged 25 and over – the brand made the decision to include females aged 18+ in its Black Friday strategy.

Matas’s campaign focused its messaging around in-store and e-commerce discounts. By using a combination of maximum bidding on swipe-ups and auto bids on pixel purchase, the strategy managed to raise awareness, ultimately resulting in conversions.

Further to this, Matas collaborated with Snap to create its own videos using static images. This resulted in a more engaging experience among its younger demographic, and had a significant impact on overall campaign performance. 

The Result

The campaign, which had a 14X higher CTR 1 in comparison to other platforms, achieved a ROAS of 31.9 based on an attribution window of seven-day swipe and six-hour view, with swipe up costs of 4.62 DKK. This was 33.2% higher than ROAS delivered on any of their other channels. 2

Using the video creation tool improved performance significantly over running static ads, while the Cost Per Swipe Up was 73.7% lower than other platforms. 3

Across multiple auction-based channels, Snapchat was among the company’s top performing channels, with Matas’s use of the ad set optimisation goals boosting the overall performance of the campaign.

"We at Matas are really pleased with the overall performance from our campaign and the output it has given us. Snapchat is definitely a player that has become one of our key drivers when it comes to putting together the right marketing mix. "

Mikkel Groth Nielsen, Paid Social Specialist

Snapchat can help your small, medium or large business grow.

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2 Matas Internal Data 2021
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