Success Story
Success Story

Snap Ads drove a 17% increase in company revenue for Manscaped


increase in new customer acquisitions driven by Snap Ads in two months


increase in company revenue driven by Snap Ads in two months


greater average order value vs. other platforms

The Story

Manscaped is a grooming and lifestyle company featuring American-made hygiene products and tools for the modern man. After learning about Snapchat’s upgraded Ads Manager platform and Snap Pixel, the ecommerce brand came to Snapchat to take advantage of its unique reach and engaging ad formats in order to drive new customer acquisitions at scale.

The Solution

Manscaped committed to rigorously testing the Snapchat platform, parsing each age group into its own ad set and isolating placements within the app. The Manscaped team then leveraged the Snap Pixel to provide real-time performance results in order to quickly and easily see which ad sets were driving the most conversions at or below its cost per acquisition target. 
Once Manscaped found its demographic sweet spot (men 24-34 and 35+), it ran structured A/B creative tests to determine what resonated best with this audience. Best practices like voicing over the “swipe up now” call to action drove strong results, helping Manscaped to consistently hit its CPA goal at scale, and enabling it to increase platform spend with confidence.

The Results

The addition of Snapchat to Manscaped’s media mix allowed the company to increase both new customer acquisitions by 13% and overall company revenue by 17% in only two months. By structuring isolated tests, targeting benchmark KPIs, and measuring conversions with the Snap Pixel, Manscaped has been able to optimize its performance quickly and efficiently reach its acquisition goals on Snapchat. Snapchatters also proved to be high value customers with an average order value 20% higher than users acquired on other platforms. This combination of methodical testing, Snap Pixel measurement, and rapid optimization allowed Manscaped to confidently increase its investment with Snapchat and establish the platform as an essential part of its marketing strategy.