February 09, 2022
February 09, 2022

LYKO Sees Incredible ROAS with AR Shopping on Snapchat


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The Story

Sweden-based beauty retailer LYKO became a market disruptor by developing one of the best e-com offerings within the Nordic beauty retail space. By offering a smooth and simple shopping experience, combined with one of the widest selection of products, LYKO has cemented its place as an industry leader in Scandinavia. 
One of the key objectives they wanted to achieve on Snapchat was to showcase some of the 55,000 beauty products in their inventory to all women on Snapchat, with a goal of driving Purchases & ROAS.

The Solution

LYKO was one of the first advertisers to use Snapchat’s new catalog-powered AR Shopping Lenses. The new technology, which utilises feeds similar to Dynamic Product Ads - combines automated ease of use of dynamic ads, together with engaging Augmented Reality - allows users to trial products right in the camera before making a purchase. By featuring a selection of 20 different lipstick colors, LYKO targeted female Snapchat Users.

The Results

LYKOs dynamic ads, designed to capture interest and demand, paired with their unique try-on lenses that provided customers a personalized way to engage and experience their products led to an ROAS of 49 (1:1 attribution window), and a CPM of roughly 3 USD.1

“At Lyko we love to experiment and try new features. The development and evolution of Augmented Reality is something we follow with great interest, and this was an excellent way for us to try out some of the possibilities it offers. Many of our customers are active on Snapchat and it was exciting to see that they not only liked virtually trying on products as much as we do, but also that it turned out to be such a good way of driving sales.”
- Jenny Génetay, Performance Marketing Manager

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of September 1 - December 6, 2021