LVM Insurance successfully show their support for young people and raise their brand lift results significantly


Brand Favourability¹


Share Rate of the Lens²


Cost per Completed View²

The Story

Inspiring young people to think about insurance can be a challenging task. LVM Insurance wanted to make sure they really reach young audiences with a positive message and make them understand that insurances can help them focus on their interests as the rest is taken care of. They wanted to truly connect to this audience and lift their brand KPIs. The biggest challenge for them was to reach the young target group in an interactive and brand-safe environment in an impactful way.

The Solution

LVM Insurance nailed this task by showing their support for young audiences’ interests and showing that their hearts beat for taking care of them. They leveraged several content creators that shared their passion (e.g. Music or DIY) and LVM made clear that they take care of the insurance part, so they can focus on the fun part. They chose Snapchat as part of their media-mix to really emotionally connect to the young audiences in a brand-safe environment. For that LVM Insurance used a Lens that played with the campaign claim “We L♥VM” and combined it with their face-paced video ads. The combination of ad formats, using a multi-format approach with Snap Ads and Commercials next to AR together with a broad targeting resulted in amazing brand lift results. 

The Results

With the combination of different video and AR solutions, LVM Insurance was able to reach Snapchatters in different usage situations, which led to a strong reach throughout the App and significantly higher uplifts compared to the single count category.  Strongly statistically significant incremental uplifts were generated across all categories, resulting in +10% Ad Awareness, +6% Brand Awareness & +9% Favourability¹. Furthermore they achieved a share rate of the Lens of 1.96%² and a Cost per completed view of 0,01€², which showcased the performance of this multi-product approach. The strong engagement of sharing the Lens with friends resulted in additional reach and helped spread the message of LVM even further.Overall the campaign objectives were reached and Snapchat outperformed all other channels that were used within this campaign.  

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 800 Snapchat users Apr 22. - May 29 2023, Control n=400, Exposed n=400
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Apr. 22 - May 20 2023