LOVOO & Snapchat: The Perfect Match for Better Full Funnel Performance


lift in App Install


lift in Sign-Up


pts in overall ad awareness

The Story
LOVOO is one of the market-leading dating app providers in German-speaking countries. 
As one of the first dating app providers in Germany, LOVOO is considered a pioneer and trendsetter in app development. The mobile application allows young people to easily meet people nearby, make friends and fall in love. Features such as live streaming support the modern way of building social relationships. 
Because of its reputation for innovation, the partnership with Snap was the perfect match. LOVOO was looking for a platform that allowed it to target its audience at scale.
Their objective was to grow brand awareness and favorability, particularly among Gen Z.
The Solution
The solution involved using multiple ad formats to drive brand and performance objectives all the way through the funnel. The company used a combination of Snap Ads, Stories and Commercials. At the top of the marketing funnel, LOVOO optimized towards impressions but were then able to capitalize on this to drive app installs and subscriptions lower down.
The Result
By running a combination of brand placements together with direct response  ads, the company saw significant increases in performance throughout  the funnel. 
Together, LOVOO and Snapchat achieved: +12 pts in overall brand awareness and a +5 pts in brand association with ‘video dating’, +14 pts in overall ad awareness. 1
Exposure to multiple ad formats significantly drove brand awareness - Snapchatters exposed to multiple ad formats had +17 pts in ad awareness vs. +9 pts for those exposed to 1 format. 1
Running brand & DR resulted in 14% higher app installs and 12% higher sign-ups. 2
“With Snapchat’s great choice of ad formats and placements it is a great tool to raise our brand awareness. Results were better on Snapchat when compared with all our other tested channels. We saw an incredible fit with the Snapchat community and our target audience and this led to some really strong results from brand awareness through to cost of acquisition.”
Maximilian Greif – Head of Performance Marketing – LOVOO

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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of DE Snapchat users September 20 - October 26, 2021. Control n= 441 exposed n=504
2 Snap Inc. internal data September 20 - October 26, 2021