Success Story
Success Story

Lounge sees 440% lower cost per click on Snapchat


lower cost per impression vs all other channels


increase traffic to website vs. other channels


lower cost per click vs all other channels

The Story

Lounge sells underwear and casual apparel to women and men around the world that makes people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. With the rapid growth of their company this year, Lounge looked to increase traffic to their website from new audiences. Lounge partnered with Snapchat to drive cost efficiencies and acquire a new, differentiated audience that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

The Solution: Snap Ads + Story Ads

Lounge had a clear performance based goal of introducing new people to their website and achieving a positive return on investment. With these goals in mind, they leveraged the Snap Pixel and Snap’s new optimization and targeting tools to measure conversions, reach the right audience, and drive further efficiencies.

Through diversifying their product mix, using both Snap Ads and Story Ads, Lounge learned the endemic Snapchat creative style resonated best with their audience. By partnering with influencers, the creative for Snap Ads shifted from a non-Native approach to one that felt more natural and organic to their audience. This shift tripled their view times and reduced the cost of production significantly.

Lounge used Snapchat’s Lifestyle Categories, such as Fashion and Retail Shoppers, and Lookalike audiences to target Snapchatters who were more likely to purchase. They also leveraged the Snap Pixel to track sales, ultimately allowing them to be more cost efficient and drop their cost per click by 440%.

The Results

The addition of Snapchat to Lounge’s media mix drove significant growth for the company. Snapchat drove around 40% of overall traffic to their site throughout the campaign’s activity. The success they found on Snapchat has resulted in a 400% increase in spend for their most recent campaigns.

Overall, Snapchat allowed us to scale our prospecting activity whilst returning a positive ROAS. As an e-com business moving into peak, this was one of our key objectives.

Josh Elliott, Lounge Head of Marketing