Lipton Ice Tea Generates 3.6% Incremental Sales with Snapchat


reach in

15-24 audience


sales lift on Lipton Ice Tea Peach 


lift in Ad Awareness vs. non exposed 

The Story
Lipton Ice Tea, PepsiCo’s famous soft drink brand with its iconic peach flavor, launched a summer campaign with the slogan “Faites le Plein de Soleil” in collaboration with the media agency OMD France. This highlight aimed at boosting top of mind awareness of the brand in the key demographic target of 15–24 year olds during the summer season and generating new sales in supermarkets.
The Solution
To get a high reach among 15–24 year old Snapchatters, PepsiCo and their media agency OMD France leveraged Snap Ads, a full screen vertical video ad format. They built a strategy of A/B testing 5 different creatives to increase reach and lower creative fatigue. PepsiCo also used Snap’s optimization tools to ensure smooth delivery of the campaign over the desired flighting period.
The Result
PepsiCo achieved great results with this Lipton Ice Tea campaign, reaching a massive audience with a memorable creative that had a direct impact on sales. The campaign reached 78% of the 15–24 year old target group on Snapchat (7.3M unique people reached1). Users exposed to this campaign also reported higher ad awareness, shown in a brand lift of +6 point uplift3. Not only did users remember the ads, they also purchased the product. According to a sales lift study by LiveRamp, the campaign produced a 3.60% sales uplift2 for the Lipton Ice Tea Peach soft drink.

"Our ambition for Lipton Ice Tea is to drive preference in 18–24 year olds in the soft drinks category, especially during the key summer season. In this context, Snapchat was the go-to platform to reach them in the most relevant way and keep fueling the sunny, positive, and lively brand image."
- Emilie Vantajol, Marketing Manager, PepsiCo France

1 Paid reach extracted from Snap Ads Manager at the end of the campaign which ran 7/16/2020–28/31/2020
2 Based on data on the number of retailers and household cardholders exposed and matched with LiveRamp and Snap 7/17/2020–9/1/2020.
3 Snapchat Brand Lift survey of FR Snapchat users 7/16/2020–28/31/2020. Control: n=524 Exposed: n=627 Unique CRF HH Exposed: 222.2k (tied to 276K Snap IDs)