March 24, 2020
March 24, 2020

Vimto placed itself at the center of greetings during Ramadan


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The Story

During times of uncertainty, Vimto aimed to act as a beacon of light that connects families and loved ones to reassure them that together, they can always overcome difficulties. Vimto partnered with Snapchat to connect with its target audience and be part of people’s daily communication habits, given Snapchat’s high reach within Vimto’s main target audience in Saudi and rest of GCC. The Vimto message was brought to life through one of the brand’s core elements, The Vimto light rope wrapped around the bottle, representing the connection amongst loved ones. The campaign went live the moment Ramadan was announced, placing Vimto at the heart of greetings between families, loved ones and friends during this joyous occasion.

Creative Solution

Lens + Filter
The Vimto light rope, representing the connection between people, was brought to life through Snapchat’s Augmented Reality capabilities by developing a custom Lens accompanied by Vimto’s jingle. A static version was also created to provide the audience with tool to express themselves (Filters) placing Vimto at the center of greetings and messages during the campaign.

Snap Ads
Considering the uniqueness of Snapchat’s platform and the high video consumption rate, Vimto decided to create one of the region’s first branded content shot specifically for Snapchat, using the Vimto light rope as the focus for 7 different 10s videos which were amplified through Snap Ads.