Lifesum Sees Incredible Full Funnel Performance Using Multiple Formats on Snap


lower cost per app install 


lower cost per app lead


lower cost per app purchase

The Story

Lifesum is a leading global nutrition platform. With millions of users around the world, Lifesum is a trusted daily companion to help people achieve their health goals through better eating.

Their mobile application offers a variety of meal plans; personalized feedback and guidance, thousands of recipes, convenient fruit, vegetable and water trackers, a barcode scanner to easily track meals and more to make healthy eating as easy as possible. 

The Solution

The solution involved using multiple ad formats to drive brand and performance objectives all the way through the funnel. The company used a combination of Snap Ads, Stories and AR Lenses. At the top of the marketing funnel, Lifesum optimized towards impressions but were then able to capitalize on this to drive app installs and purchases lower down. In the lower part of the funnel, Lifesum succeeded to lower their CPA and CPI drastically due to their full-funnel approach, multi format usage and close collaboration with internal resources on Snap to set a go-to market strategy for their big push in January 2022. 

The Result

By running a combination of brand placements together with direct response ads, the company saw significant increases in performance throughout the funnel. 

Together, Lifesum and Snapchat achieved significantly lower costs through the whole funnel namely, 78% lower cost per install, 80% lower App cost per lead, 90% lower App cost per acquisition.1

Snapchat has been a supportive partner heading into our key period in January. With testing the SKAD-network solution and Snapchat Advanced Conversion we could identify and scale performing assets, further improving our performance during the year

David Andersson, Performance Marketing at Lifesum

Snapchat has helped Lifesum grow our audience a lot since we first began advertising just a few years ago. Snapchat is a strong marketing channel with big potential. Their ongoing support and well-developed platform contributed to our overall campaign success with AR filters, retargeting and successful app purchase optimization.

Linda Hjortfors, Senior Performance Marketing at Lifesum 

Snapchat can help your small, medium or large business grow.

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1 Snap Ads manager internal data December 1 2021 - 30 January 2022