April 26, 2022
April 26, 2022

Lidl Takes Over Snapchat for a New Product Launch


total reach on 1 day

17 seconds

average Lens play time

The Story

Monsieur Cuisine is a flagship product of Lidl’s cooking range. The cooking robot is made available in stores in limited quantities only a few times a year, making it a highly sought-after by Lidl customers.

Lidl partenered with Snapchat to accomplish two objectives for the launch of the latest version of Monsieur Cuisine. First, Lidl wanted to drive maximum awareness of the product launch and make sure consumers were aware of the launch date. Second, Lidl wanted to create excitement for the new features of the product.

The Solution

To create massive awareness of the product launch, Lidl took over Snapchat using the most immersive advertising formats Snapchat offers, both in the Camera, and in the Content of the app.

To engage users in the camera, Lidl created an augmented reality experience inviting Snapchatters to first answer questions to on Monsieur Cuisine’s new features and then preview an AR version of the product in each Snapchatter’s kitchen. 

This AR Lens was visible by all Snapchatters on the day before the launch, with a National Lens takeover. The Lens featured a timer counting down to the product launch.

To maximize the reach and ad recall, Lidl used Snapchat's most immersive video format, the First Commercial, to reach every single viewer of Snapchat's Discover Shows with a full screen, non-skippable vertical video. The First Commercial featured an overview of Monsieur Cuisine’s features. 

The Results

Together, the National Lens and First Commercial which ran the day before the launch combined to reach a total of 4.9M of users¹.

Only 12% of the audience were exposed both to the National Lens and First Commercial, confirming the strength of multi-format on Snapchat : exposing different users in the Snapchat camera and in the Discover tab lead to incremental reach. 

The AR Lens in the Snapchat camera created an engaging and fun experience : Snapchatters played with the Lens 17 seconds on average².

"For the relaunch of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect campaign, we wanted to bring something new to our digital plan. Through our collaboration with Snapchat, we wanted to reach new audiences, and offer them an immersive experience that would be highly engaging and would have an impact on in-store Sales. And it worked!"

- Mattias Boccardo - Digital Marketing Manager

1 Snapchat Internal Data, December 2021
2 Snapchat Internal Data, December 2021