Level Shoes Is First to Implement Snapchat’s First Story Ad Format

Reach in 24H¹
Swipe up rate¹

Level Shoes Partners with Snapchat to Amplify Reach

Level Shoes is a luxury multi-brand retailer offering global designer footwear, bags & accessories for women, men & kids. Based in the GCC, but with a growing international community, their business expands across both a robust e-commerce presence and the largest offline destination dedicated to the world of shoes. During the last few days of Ramadan, Level Shoes wanted to reach people at scale and deliver results on the full funnel. 

Launching First Story, a New Premium Snapchat Ad Format

Snapchat had just launched First Story, a new premium ad format, designed to deliver high reach within 24 hours. This new product offers advertisers the ability to book the first ad that Snapchatters see between their friend’s stories. Level Shoes did not hesitate to partner with Snapchat and be the first brand to use First Story globally. 

The audience on Snapchat is highly engaged. Snapchatters build their experience around their friends, family and the world and they love sharing their everyday moments with them. That’s what makes a product like First Story a recipe for success as brands achieve great results and high visibility. 

Achieving Impact and Results throughout the Full Funnel

The results of using First Story stood out, as this new product helped Level Shoes achieve over 1M Reach, a swipe rate of 1.15 and an 18$ in ROAS. These results not only delivered on brand awareness but also drove great impact throughout the full funnel. By reserving the first slot within friend’s stories, brands can now grab Snapchatters’ attention in a new way and make a positive impression right from the start.

First Story's impressive results demonstrate its effectiveness as a premium ad format for luxury brands, delivering high reach and engaging audiences with an impressive ROI.

Ahmed Sedeek | Director of Growth Marketing

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager - May 04 2023.