Level Shoes Sets CAPI and Sees 19% Improvement in App Measured ROAS


improvement in app measured ROAS


less cost in measured app purchase


improvement in measured ROAS for web and app

The Story

Level Shoes is a luxury multi-brand retailer offering global designer footwear, bags & accessories for women, men & kids in the GCC.

Level Shoes collaborated with Snap to set up for stronger optimization, robust targeting and improvement measurement prior to the start of Ramadan.

The Solution

Level Shoes set up Conversions API for their web and app channels on top of the offline set-up previously established. Conversions API is a privacy-safe, server-to-server integration between the partner and Snapchat. A Brand Lift study was conducted in parallel to measure brand metrics such as Brand Awareness, Ad Awareness, Brand Favourability and Action intent.

The Results

With Conversions API, Level Shoes reported major improvements in web and app ROAS measurement. They witnessed +19% improvement in app measured ROAS, in comparison with pre-CAPI integration & 36% less cost in measured app purchase.1

They saw a considerable number of users purchase on the web after engaging with Snap Ads on Mobile App. CAPI enabled Level Shoes to track this cross platform and cross device impact of Snap Ads more accurately. After CAPI integration, Web ROAS increased by 171% due to better cross platform data matching. Overall, they saw a 41% improvement in measured ROAS for web and app2 and a 33% reduced cost per online purchase, compared to pre-CAPI integration.

First Commercials delivered great results as well with +5 pts lift in Brand Awareness, +4pts lift in Ad Awareness, +9 pts lift in Brand Favourability and +6 pts lift in Action Intent. 20% of users were reached incrementally with First Commercials.

“Snapchat Conversions API (CAPI) moves the conversion tracking from the client-side to the server-side which helps in improving the accuracy of information sent for targeting, measurement, and optimization. which in turn has enabled us to scale up efficiently with confidence that improved the ROAS by 19%.”

Zaid Al Dabbas, Senior Performance Marketer 

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 14 - April 12 2022
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 14 - April 12 2022