Success Story
Success Story

LaserAway achieves 21% lower cost per lead through point radius targeting


Less cost per lead than other social channels


ROAS this year

The Story

LaserAway is a medical aesthetic company focusing on hair removal, tattoo removal, body contouring & skin rejuvenation with several locations across the country. Their main focus for the year was to gain a new clientele of young females. Snapchat’s latest location targeting capabilities and differentiated young audience made them a perfect place to reach and engage with a new customer base.

The Solution: Point Radius Targeting and Snap Pixel

With a clear cut marketing objective of driving leads to their locations, LaserAway used point radius targeting with their Snap Ads to drive high quality prospects to their locations. They set a 5-10 mile radius around each of their brick and mortar locations and targeted Snap Ads to Snapchatters within these parameters. This strategy allowed them to reach Snapchatters in the area who could easily sign up for a free consultation with a simple swipe up.

Using goal-based-bidding for swipes, LaserAway optimized their delivery to reach Snapchatters more likely to sign up for a consultation. They also targeted interest groups like Beauty Mavens and Lookalikes of its existing customers to efficiently reach Snapchatters who not only swiped up, but converted by signing up. As the campaign continued, the Pixel was a great indicator of shifting their focus to prioritize their Lookalike audience.

The Result

Within weeks of running Snap Ads, LaserAway saw that Snapchatters were not only engaging with their Snap Ads, but signing up for a consultation at a 21% lower cost than seen on other platforms. With this consistently strong performance, LaserAway has increased their Snapchat advertising budget and will continue implementing Snapchat’s new features.