La Redoute Leverages Dynamic Ads to Reach Snapchat’s Unique Audience and Generate Efficient Sales


campaign sales attributed exclusively to Snapchat


lower CPA than objective


higher ROAS for 35+ year olds versus ROAS for 13-34 year olds

The Story
La Redoute is one of the most famous mail order retailers & e-commerce companies in France. Looking to increase its customer base while continuing to manage costs, La Redoute partnered with Snapchat to reach its unique audience and its made for mobile ecommerce ad formats.
The Solution
To reach Snapchat’s audience to drive e-commerce Sales for their massive catalog of products, while controlling their ROI, La Redoute leveraged Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads format. 
With Dynamic Ads, La Redoute was able to generate product-centric ads automatically and drive purchase of specific products on their app during the winter Sales season in France.
Throughout the campaign, La Redoute was able to optimize the performance of its Dynamics Ads using its first party data segments and Snapchat’s campaign optimization tools in Ads Manager.
The Results
With Dynamic Ads, La Redoute was able to generate Sales by reaching a completely new audience, while keeping costs under control. 
Over 58% of the sales of this campaign could be attributed exclusively to Snapchat, demonstrating the quality of the online purchasing experience from Snapchat to La Redoute.1 Costs were kept within La Redoute’s objective, as CPA ended up being lower  than their target number by 6%. 2
What came as a surprise is that 77% of the sales were made by Snapchatters over 25 year-old. And even more: the return on ad spend was on average 58% higher for 35 year-old and plus than the rest of Snapchatters, showing that Snapchat can be leveraged to reach a strong volume of older Millennials in France! 3

"The singularity of Snapchat is its unique audience that cannot be reached on other platforms. But it’s also the engagement of its community and the time spent on the application."
- Anna Faure, Head of Media, La Redoute

1 Source: La Redoute Internal Data - January 20 - March 2, 2021
2 Source: Snap Inc. Internal Data January 20 - March 2, 2021
3 Source: Snap Inc. Internal Data January 20 - March 2, 2021