Landmark achieves 36% higher in-store ROAS using Snapchat Dynamic Ads & offline Conversions API


higher in-store ROAS


higher in-store AOV


more efficient CPM

The Story

The Landmark Group is one of the largest retail and hospitality organizations in the Middle East, Africa and India. Delivering omnichannel shopping experiences that extend through apps, websites and stores is a crucial strategy for Landmark. 

For their Centrepoint concept in KSA, Landmark finds that a significant proportion of their customers engage, discover and research products on mobile before ultimately purchasing in-store.  Looking to expand on their immersive omnichannel shopping experiences, Centrepoint partnered with Snapchat to reach Snapchat’s unique community using Dynamic Ads. 

The Solution

Working with ForwardPMX and Snapchat Certified Partner StitcherAds, Centrepoint leveraged Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads to drive in-store sales. Snapchatters were shown products from the Centrepoint Catalog before Installing the app where they could continue browsing and researching products, make an in app purchase or retrieve product details when shopping in-store. 

Using the Centrepoint product feed, ForwardPMX leveraged the StitcherAds platform to enhance and customize their Dynamic Ads creatives resulting in a seamless product experience for Centrepoint's customers. They also used the StitcherAds platform to process the daily in-store transaction data for 74 stores leveraging the Snapchat Conversions API. This allowed Centrepoint to attribute in-store sales to Snapchatters that had engaged with their Snapchat campaigns. 

The Results

Snapchat Dynamic Ads helped Centrepoint achieve 36% higher in-store ROAS as well as a 270% higher average in-store value compared to the next best performing social channel1. Dynamic Ads also drove a more efficient CPM - 76% lower than other platforms1. The campaign also resulted in very strong in-app purchases and ROAS.

“Centrepoint was seeking ways to enhance the power of dynamic ads in order to drive more in-store sales, we found that by working with ForwardPMX, StitcherAds and Snapchat, we’ve been able to achieve that. Using their powerful combination of data-backed insights, personalization driven by machine learning, and dynamic creative formats, it has enabled us to extend our already successful use of Snapchat for eCommerce to drive more consistent in-store sales, while keeping shoppers more successfully engaged.”
- Mithil Shah, Senior Marketing Manager at Centrepoint

1 Centrepoint internal data, 1 October 2020 - 31 December 2020