Lacoste achieves x 17 ROAS using the AR Lens format and boost the action intent by +8 points on their new National Geographic collection.


ROAS generated with the Lens 


lift on Ad Awareness 


lift on Action Intent 

The Story

To drive awareness on the Lacoste and National Geographic new capsule collection that celebrate the beauty of the natural world, Lacoste activated Snapchat to reach the 18-34 generation in France.

Four animals, chosen for their vibrant stories and exceptional beauty were selected for the collection : the Grévy’s Zebra, the Green and Black Poison Dart Frog, the Halloween Pennant Dragonfly and the Jaguar.

The objectives were to:

  • Reach the millennial audience at scale

  • Use the augmented reality to generate awareness on this new collection

  • Appear in a safe editorial environment

  • Generate action intent for the launch

The Solution

To reach those objectives, Lacoste tested a new AR Shopping Lens format that allows the user to discover and try the new Lacoste collection everywhere. The campaign were also composed with a multi format media plan.

The Result

A winning strategy for Lacoste with +6M unique users 18-34 reached by the campaign.

The AR Lens format allowed the user to test 4 different products in various colors from the new National Geographic collection. The user could test those products using both cameras of their smartphone. With the face camera they could test sunglasses and a cap. With the back camera lthey could try and discover sneakers and a backpack.

The Lens results were impressive : the AR format generated a lot of conversions with an average ROAS x17 on the National Geographic collection.

The Snap Ad , Snap Ad to AR, and Story Ads formats completed the media plan to enlarge reach, generate engagement and get the maximum coverage on the 18-34 year old target.

A Brand Lift study completed the campaign and demonstrated a significative uplift on all tested items with:

  • +4 points lift on Brand Awareness (vs non exposed) 1

  • +16 points lift on Ad Awareness (vs non exposed) 2

  • +8 points lift on Action Intent (vs non exposed) on the new collection Lacoste x National Geographic2

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of November 10, December 23,2020.
2 Snap Inc. Brand Lift survey of FR snapchat users November 10-December 23,2020. Control n= 471, Exposed n= 493