Coty boosts the visibility of Lacoste Holiday fragrance gift sets with Snapchat


playtime seconds

17.2 M

gaming sessions

6 pt

lift in brand appreciation

10.1 M


The Story
Beauty company Coty turned to Snapchat to boost sales of Lacoste Christmas gift sets during the year-end festive season. The campaign chiefly targeted people aged 18 to 35 as well as younger age brackets. To do this, Coty employed several formats offered by the platform alongside a gaming / augmented reality (AR) approach.

The Solution
Aided by advertising agency Publicis, Coty ran its comic-style Lacoste campaign on Snapchat. In addition to deploying the full range of Snapchat advertising formats (Snap Ads, Commercials, Story Ads), Coty also introduced an AR portal lens, a playful format blending immersion and innovation that is popular on Snapchat. The idea was to give people the opportunity to join Lacoste’s joyous, colourful world in a giant treasure hunt for the L.12.12 gift sets.

The Result
The strategy paid off, with the campaign delivering significant results. The treasure hunt generated 17.2 million gaming sessions in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, while the Lens playtime was 17.6 seconds. The survey conducted on Snapchat revealed a 6-point lift in brand appreciation among people reached by the campaign. This was a huge success that translated into almost 300,000 swipes to online stores.