From Pumpkins to Mistletoe: Kmart Partners with Snapchat during Halloween and Christmas


Total average ROAS - using a multi-product approach.


Average Camera Playtime - via the Halloween Snapcode unlocked Lenses.


Brand Association - achieved for the Christmas Campaign, using a multi product approach.

The Story

Because Halloween and Christmas are two holidays consumers look forward to every year, October through December represents a key period for retailers everywhere. Kmart partnered with Snapchat to reach Gen Zers and millennials with two festive campaigns. The big-box retailer was not only looking to create campaigns that were cost-effective and would help achieve key ROAS results — they also wanted to offer an immersive experience that blended their audience’s physical world with the digital.

The Solution

Merry Spookmas: Two Campaigns, One Big Goal:

To reach Kmart’s goals, Snapchat launched two fun and playful campaigns.

For the most spooktacular Halloween campaign of the year, Kmart and Snapchat leveraged a combination of both Snap Ads and Lenses AR experiences to drive all media KPIs and bring their holiday messaging to life in an engaging way. In Kmart’s retail stores, Snapchatters could unlock the Lens by scanning a Snapcode displayed on all their Halloween catalogs.

To really get in the holiday spirit, Kmart and Snapchat used Lenses similar to those created for their Halloween campaign. Kmart’s objective of reaching — and engaging with — a younger demographic at scale was made possible with the creation of both a holiday Lens and highly immersive Snap Video Ads.

The Result

’Tis the Season for Results!

Together, both campaigns drove positive results that met Kmart’s goals, achieving $25 ROAS1 using a seven-day swipe and one-day attribution window. Individually, the creative used for each campaign played a key role in allowing Kmart to remain competitive during a critical time for retailers. The Halloween campaign Lens achieved more-than 54-second average camera playtime2 when unlocked via the Snapcode while the Christmas campaign achieved a +7pts lift in brand association3

And though the spooky decorations are stored away and the wreaths have been taken down,  everyone always loves a good holiday campaign — and Kmart made this festive business moment a cause for celebration!

"Driving interaction and engagement via the Snapchat app for our Christmas campaign proved effective at reaching new and younger audiences, while providing an ‘experience’ through the interactive filters aligned to our Christmas creative."

- Charlotte Gergely | Brand team | Xmas Campaign

"Driving interaction and engagement via the Snapchat app for our Halloween campaign proved effective at reaching new younger audiences. As we know for Halloween, participation is growing every year with 1 in 3 Australians taking part in Halloween, jumping to 1 in 2 amongst younger 18–34-year-old consumers."

- Natalie McAdams | Events team | Halloween

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of October 01 - December 25, 2021
2 Snap Inc. internal data Octover 29 - December 31, 2021
3 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 678 Snapchat users October 29, 2021 - December 25, 2021. Control n= 330, esposed n = 348