Kiehl’s Drives 145% Incremental Lift in Purchases With Full-funnel Strategic Campaign


lift in incremental adds to cart


lift in incremental purchases

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reached within TA

The Story

Kiehl’s, a L’Oréal brand, is a Direct To Consumer advertiser historically focused only on running lower funnel activity on Snapchat. This time the brand wanted to leverage the 20M users that the platform reaches in KSA, boosting awareness of the brand thus expanding its customer base and growing sales of its products on their website.

The Solution

We set out, in partnership with the Kiehl’s team, to test a full funnel approach. This was done by complementing Kiehl’s lower funnel assets and campaigns with up and mid funnel objectives such as Video Views and Page Views, creating assets that connect with Kiehl’s target audience at every level of their customer journey. We ran a conversion lift study to assess the incrementality that a full funnel approach would provide.

The Result

Amazing results were seen with lifts across the funnel, from page views (+172%) to purchase where we saw a 145% lift in incremental purchases (with 25-34 year olds over indexing at 256% incremental purchases). The campaign also reached 2.38M Snapchatters, representing 35%+ reach again the TA.1

"The results of our full-funnel Snapchat campaign on our D2C prove that we can adopt this approach as an “always-on” one to continuously recruit consumers to our brand while driving them through the rest of the funnel on our”

- Raja Yazigi, Media Director, L’Oréal LOME

1 Kiehl's internal data 2022