KIABI boosts online sales during the sales period through a full-funnel approach

A reach of 10.7 million in 24 hours and a click-through rate of 1.3% with the First Story format¹

A significant increase in qualified visits among the 25-34 age group (+5.5%)²

A significant increase in sales of 7.6%²

The Context

Established in 1978 in northern France, KIABI revolutionized ready-to-wear fashion by introducing affordable fashion for the whole family. KIABI maintains a year-round presence on Snapchat for its online acquisition strategy.

During the summer sales, KIABI chose Snapchat to promote its wave of discounts to a wider audience, with a unique approach for a retailer. The goal was to acquire new customers to maximize sales on their e-commerce site.

The Solution

This campaign provided KIABI with the opportunity to reach out to 10.7 million Snapchat users about the summer sales with a specific message and offer for new customers. This exclusive placement allows an advertiser to be the first visible brand between users' stories for a day, resulting in a large volume of qualified visits to KIABI's e-commerce site.

The ongoing performance-focused campaign optimized for conversion allowed KIABI to retarget these new site visitors with a dynamic catalog format (Dynamic Ads) to encourage conversion and maximize KIABI's revenue and new customers.

The Result

Beyond the massive coverage of 10.7 million enabled by the First Story format, Snapchat users showed strong engagement within 24 hours with a 1.3% click-through rate on this format.

The combination of the First Story format and Dynamic Ads campaigns generated a significant increase in qualified visits among the 25-34 age group (+5.5%).

Performance-focused campaigns ensured a significant increase in sales of 7.6% compared to Snapchat users not exposed to the 25-34 age group target.

This strategy set up with Kiabi had a tremendous impact on sales on the first day of the sales. The First Story format ensured the brand maximum and exclusive coverage on an extremely competitive day, while dynamic formats influenced prospects in their final purchase. This combination of the two formats contributed to the success of the campaign launch.

Maxime Sevillano, Head of Paid Social, Jellyfish