KFC Gets 5.1 Million Snapchatters Smiling about Original Cheese

Users Reached¹


Point Lift in Ad Recall
for Users Exposed
to the Lens²

Point Lift in Ad Recall
for Users Exposed
to Multiple Formats²

Building Tasty Awareness

For the launch of its first cheeseburger, Original Cheese, KFC France chose Snapchat to build an awareness campaign for the product targeting people aged 18-34. 

Say 'Cheese!' with AR Smiling Lens

For this campaign, Busterwood AR studio and creative agency Havas Paris helped KFC incorporate in their creative one of Snapchat’most popular Augmented Reality experience : the Smiling Lens. Thanks to voice recognition, Snapchatters had only to say “Cheese!” to generate the infamous smile and make KFC’s Original Cheese appear. 

The media strategy built by media agency Carat France enabled KFC to reach 5.1 million unique users in just one week, thanks to the First Lens takeover format. Over a 24-hour period, this format made KFC the most visible brand in the Snapchat camera by appearing first in the Lens carrousel. In addition, the promotion of the campaign in the Snapchat camera via the targeted Lens and between users' stories via Snap Ads strongly encouraged overall awareness gain and memorization of the message.

Scrumptious Results in Just One Week

By capitalising on Snapchat’s audience and leveraging the platform’s conventions, KFC reached 5.1 million people in just one week and generated over 22 million impressions. The drove a 13-point lift in recall, while combining multiple formats also paid off for KFC, which achieved a 14-point increase in recall over the campaign. With its thorough command of Snapchat conventions, KFC plans to carve out a prime spot within the app.

The Lens Snapchat format perfectly blends the creative idea of ​​Havas Paris with the trends of the platform, so it presented itself as an obvious choice to create a link between the brand and Snapchat users. The strategy designed by Carat to associate this format with Snap ads has allowed us to create a real sounding board for the KFC brand, as evidenced by the excellent results of the BLS on the memorization item.

Mickael Delinotte, Senior Media Manager at KFC France

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2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 914 Snapchat users February 27th - March 5th. Control n= 489 exposed n=425.