Kendago: The Creative Engine Powering Vshred's Success on Snap

Lower CPA Compared to Benchmarks on Other Platforms

Improvement of Complete Video View Engagement

Increase in New Customers Acquired

VShred's Wellness Journey with Kendago

Been on Snapchat lately? Then, you’ve probably come across Vshred! Kendago, a leading DTC performance marketing group and longtime partner of fitness goliath, Vshred, has been flooding Snap with value packed wellness tips. Today, we’ll reveal how they were able to use this short form content to turn millions of daily users into loyal paying members.

Unveiling VShred's Fitness Revolution: A Partnership with Kendago

VShred came on the scene in 2017 and has since become a trusted face in fitness, helping over 5 million people around the world reach their health goals. They are globally known for their series of fitness programs for men and women who want to lose weight the right way, learn how to build muscle naturally, and get in the best shape of their lives. They do this through a combination of valuable guidance and direction, without the need for expensive gym memberships, complicated routines, and confusing diet advice that can lead to plateaus or even worse - failure.

VShred's Leap into a Younger Demographic with Kendago

While VShred was already enjoying advertising success on Meta, Google and TikTok, they wanted to expand and reach a new, younger demographic. Kendago was tasked with getting the message out. The results have been better than expected.

The Solution, Kendago's Creative Alchemy

Kendago devised a plan to amplify Vshred’s content for a more diverse and valuable user base that also aligns seamlessly with their mission, making it a perfect fit for VShred's growth. This dynamic creative strategy featured UGC-inspired videos combined with expert tips from Vince Sant, Vshred’s legendary spokesperson. Kendago tested over one thousand (1,000!) video ads framed around Snap’s best practices and their new 7-0 conversion optimization targeting. Through sheer ad volumes coupled with their special campaign optimization technologies, Kendago was able to fine-tune their creatives to the best possible media outcomes on Snap.

Quantifying Triumph: VShred and Kendago's Snap Campaign Breakthrough

VShred and Kendago's campaign proved to be a major success, yielding high performance across the Snap platform, with results including:

  • A staggering 55% lower CPA compared to benchmarks on other platforms

  • An improvement of Complete Video View Engagement by 74%

  • A 33% increase in new customers acquired

*Remarkably, VShred has increased budgets on Snapchat by a whopping 360%, while still maintaining a consistent Cost per Action YoY (2023)

I must say that after managing media exclusively for Vshred for 7 years with a 9-figure annual media budget, we didn’t expect SNAP to provide such great value. After testing for months, we quickly learned that we had found a gem! It is now one of our top advertising channels. Not just because of its unique audience, but more so because of its native video interface. I don’t know where we would be without SNAP. It’s become an integral part of our business.

Adam Feldman, Vice President of Business Development at Kendago