Kapten & Son Onboard With Snapchat’s AR Lens Strategy


reduction in the bounce rate in Germany


reduction in bounce rate in France


Higher swipe-up rate than any other prospecting campaign during Black Week 2021

The Story

Synonymous with style, status and solid workmanship, Kapten & Son has earned a strong reputation in the lifestyle apparel field. Established in 2014 by three students of the University of Münster (Germany), it is now one of the fastest growing fashion and accessories companies in Europe.

Having previously leveraged Snapchat to increase online awareness and generate conversions, Kapten & Son chose to use the platform during Black Week 2021 to increase swipe-up rates and CPSU.

The Solution

Launching an AR Lens campaign, Kapten & Son targeted a female audience aged between 16 and 34-years-old in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

The format, which combined the Face Lens and the World Lens, not only allowed the brand to showcase a variety of products, but also facilitated a new shopping experience for the user. Potential customers could try on glasses and necklaces in the face camera while leveraging the world camera for a rotatable 3D view of the brand’s backpacks. 

Kapten & Son further optimised the campaign by simultaneously employing the Auto-Bid tool.

The Result

The AR Lens campaign drove significant results for Kapten & Son; raising awareness, improving user acquisition, increasing swipe-up rates, and generating high-quality website traffic.

Indeed, the campaign’s swipe-up rates in Germany and France – 1.15% and 1.14% respectively –  were significantly higher than any video ad or image ad. Further, Kapten & Son’s Black Week AR Lens showed a 72% higher swipe-up rate than any other prospecting campaign during Black Week 2021. The brand also saw a 15% reduction in the bounce rate in Germany and a 30% reduction in France.1

Overall, the AR Lens brought the most traffic and the best quality of website visitors out of all Snap campaigns.

“Snapchat Lens has given us a way to reach our customers in a new way and create a unique shopping experience for them. The significant increase in the swipe up rate and the high quality of the website traffic show us that this new ad format is an efficient way to better draw attention to our brand and products as well as getting new customers to our online shop”


Chiara Stricker
Performance Marketing Manager

1 Kapten and Son internal data 2022