Jazeera Paints Used an Immersive Wall Painting Experience with Snapchat to Announce Their 2021 Colors


uplift in offline product sales compared to previous month


increase in new visitors compared to previous month


Snapchatters reached via engagement Lens

The Story:

Jazeera Paints were looking to create brand awareness and introduce their trendy 2021 colors in a fun and engaging way. The idea was to offer a realistic and immersive experience that would also make the names of the colors and codes easy to memorize and eventually lead to more sales.

The Solution:

Using the power of Snapchat’s augmented reality, Jazeera Paints offered their audience a way to easily select a paint color, apply it on their living room wall, and experience it firsthand. The Lens ran with Collection and Story Ads to efficiently and effectively announce their 2021 colors and drive an uplift in online and offline traffic and sales.

The Results:

Jazeera Paints’ color trend campaign delivered an online-to-offline experience that generated 44%1 increase in new visitors, as well as an uplift of 47.5%1 in offline product sales compared to the previous month. The lens also managed to reach 1.1M Snapchatters.2

"By partnering with Snapchat, we delivered an online-to-offline experience with strong creativity. The use of Snapchat Lens’ augmented reality camera created an immersive experience to learn about our 2021 trendy colors, pick your favorite one, and apply it on the wall. This innovative method has increased traffic to our eCommerce Website (JazeeraPaints.com) and brought many customers to our showrooms. The enthusiastic responses from Snapchat users proved the campaign’s success. Furthermore, through this campaign, we discovered a potential younger target group that is completely new to the company."

- Omar Mohsen, Digital Marketing Manager at Jazeera Paints

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1 Google Analytics, Client Data, March 2021
2 Snap Inc. Internal Data, March 2021