Success Story
Success Story

Jabal Omar Sees An Increase in Brand Awareness from a Campaign Built Around Cultural Events


Brand Awareness


Brand Favorability

The Story

One of the largest development companies in Saudi Arabia, Jabal Omar based in Makkah, wanted to drive brand awareness and connect with their target audience through capturing the culture of Makkah and pay homage to the holy city. Their campaign was built around the two key moments in the Islamic calendar year, Ramadan and Hajj.

The Solution: Lens and Snap Ads

The client partnered with Snapchat to bring Mecca closer to Snapchatters during the holy month and the auspicious time of Hajj and see it transform from the 80s until now.

A lens experience was built to allow users to walk through the old city of Mecca and its souks and historical architecture, street food vendors and Ramadan light decoration. Snapchatters were then able to enter a second experience into modern-day Mecca, where they stood on a balcony inside Al-Haram Mosque overseeing the Holy Kaaba. The call to prayer could be heard in the background, and pilgrims could be seen praying facing the Kaaba this Lens was the first Double Portal Lens globally.

For Hajj, Snap created a unique experience through a Lens that virtually transported the user to the heart of the Haram mosque. Using gyroscopic technology, the user was able to rotate and see the Haram mosque yard from different angles and the call to prayer could be heard in the background.

Both campaigns appeared organically in Saudi but were taken global through the use of Snap Ads, teasing the users to swipe up to unlock these lenses, which also amplified and extended the duration of this campaign

The Result

Snap drove Jabal Omar’s brand awareness digits on an upward spiral through the use of Lens and Snap Ads together that created and captured unique and transportable experiences through the platform. The campaign yielded a 16 point increase in brand awareness and a 13 point increase in brand favorability. There were 22 M impressions, 39 second average playtime, 411 K Shares, 261K Saves.

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