ITC's YiPPee Noodles saw a 95% increase in brand association on Snapchat


lift in ad awareness


lift in brand association


lift in brand awareness

The Story

The instant noodle category is extremely competitive and primarily caters to people in the 13-16 age range. ITC has found that this audience segment needs more options to choose from-continuous change, easy to make and variety in their snacks. Equipped with these key drivers, ITC’s instant noodles brand, YiPPee! Noodles introduced packaging which includes two flavour sachets per pack, making them the perfect ‘mood’ pack and thereby creating a noodle flavour choice for all of your moods.

The brand wanted to spread the message to its target audience and turned to Snapchat as the medium of choice to promote the product.

The Solution

Considering the age of the target groups and the nature of the product, ITC determined that an interactive and engaging campaign would be the best way to spread the message. They decided to create a full scope marketing campaign on Snapchat by covering Story ads, Snap ads and a Biddable Lens.

The Biddable Lens created a memorable fun experience for the young Snapchatters while the ad placements helped improve reach and redirect traffic to a unique set of recipes curated by the brand to highlight unique product features like multiple flavours and non-lump texture.

The Results

At the end of the campaign the ad awareness and brand association lift exceeded benchmarks as noted in the brand lift study.

The brand set an example for other brands in this category, in terms of best practices to improve brand awareness and association.

The Snap and Story Ads, have been a great addition to our media mix, especially for our brands that target a younger demographic. We have received best in class engagement rates and a substantial lift in the brand metrics on the platform for our campaign. In an era of attention poor consumer behavior, the Snap Lens is one of the best engagement devices, that enables deep engagement with brand assets (be it the pack, mnemonic or a jingle) and hence presents a great opportunity to drive mental availability for brands.

- Anushree Ghosh, Head of Digital, ITC Foods

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1 Snap Internal Data (Brand Lift study- August 27, 2020 - October 4, 2020)