Intermarché recruits new users for its mobile app and accelerates mobile sales with Snapchat


swipe up rate increase between pre-lockdown and lockdown period


decrease in Cost Per Install between pre-lockdown and lockdown period

The Story

Intermarché, a leading French retailer, leverages a branded mobile application to drive eCommerce sales, which customers can choose to have delivered at home or to pick up in the store. The app also includes a loyalty program, brochures and partner offers via the marketplace. To ensure the app consistently generates a high return on investment, Intermarché partners with mobile performance agency Addict Mobile to manage campaigns with CPA and ROI as key objectives.

When France entered the first lockdown period in March 2020, retailers such as Intermarché faced the challenge to continue driving increased sales via the mobile app, while ensuring that store visitors remained safe and ROI remained positive.

To increase sales made through the mobile app, Intermarché partnered with Snapchat to drive app downloads and find new customers among Snapchatters.

The Solution

To drive app downloads, Intermarché leveraged the Snap Ads format. To increase the performance of their campaigns and ensure that the right users were downloading the app, Intermarché & Addict Mobile generated multiple creatives with different calls to action highlighting different product benefits of the mobile app, or offering promotional codes to drive downloads and signups.

The Results

Pre-lockdown, Snapchat was already a competitive source of app downloads for Intermarché. After the lockdown began, Intermarché saw 67% more swipe ups and 59% lower Cost per Install compared to pre-lockdown¹, as more Snapchatters were leveraging the mobile app to organize their shopping. To make the most of this new potential, Intermarché's agency Addict Mobile increased spend on Snapchat by 45%, while maintaining the same levels of ROI.²

Over the campaign, engagement with the Snap Ads (as measured in click rate) doubled thanks to the use of promotional codes in the creatives.¹

Fun fact: the strongest ROI on Snapchat was achieved thanks to users aged 35 years old and over!¹

"The task was simple: to test and activate a new lever to promote and support the use of our application among our targets, while respecting our acquisition costs. Addict Mobile's rigor and test & learn approach to Snapchat usage, formats, targeting and messaging enabled us to meet and exceed our objectives across the various acquisition channels, including Snapchat."

- Frédéric Chacar - Head of Acquisition, eCRM & Webanalysis

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1 Snap Inc. internal data, France, January 1 - April 30, 2020 ; Pre-lockdown period corresponds to January 1 - February 29, 2020 and lockdown period corresponds to March 1 - April 30, 2020
2 Source: Addict Mobile Data, 2020