April 07, 2023
April 07, 2023

Infinix Leverages Snap AR to Expand Reach and Attract New Users


Total Impressions during the campaign session


Purchase intent in IQ


Ad Awareness in PK

The Story

Founded in China in 2013, Infinix, a cutting-edge tech brand for younger consumers, is committed to offering innovative, beautifully designed technology with outstanding performance capabilities. Following the official launch of their ZERO 20 phone, “the most powerful ultra-HD, front-facing vlog phone,” Infinix wanted to expand their reach in MENA markets by reaching local consumers with next-level creative that kept cultural sensitivity top of mind.

The Solution

Infinix turned to Snapchat to create their “Capture Your Own Story From Zero” campaign, leveraging a mix of Snapchat’s suite of advertising products — including Snap Ads, First Lens, Story Ads, and more — to reach their target audience and beyond. Using the immersive experience of an AR Lens, Infinix kicked off the conversation among Snapchatters by offering a unique way for users to create their own virtual trips via the Snapchat Camera and share what they captured with friends, family, and the world. Additionally, Infinix brought the campaign to the next level by taking advantage of their Public Profile, regularly updating its content and collaborating with local influencers to drive awareness and connect to potential customers.

The Results

By working alongside Snapchat, Infinix was able to achieve their campaign goals and effectively increase brand awareness and conversion. During the campaign window, 86 million total impressions1 were recorded overall. In Iraq, the brand saw a +10-point2 increase in purchase intent and, in Pakistan, an +11-point3 increase in ad awareness, proving that a partnership between Infinix and Snapchat is a success worth celebrating!

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2 Snap Inc. internal brand lift survey of 747 Snapchat users, July 28–Aug. 3, 2022. Control n=289, exposed n=458.
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