Illinois Lottery Partners with Snapchat For Holiday Instants Tickets


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The Story

For the 2021 holiday season, Illinois Lottery partnered with Snapchat to spread festive cheer across the state. With the goal of increasing purchase intent and awareness of their Holiday instant tickets, the Illinois Lottery headed to Snapchat in search of an enticing campaign to get Snapchatters scratching away!

Bringing the Lottery to Snapchatters

The Illinois Lottery was looking for a fun, unique way to get Snapchatters scratching. The brand leveraged an entertaining Audience Lens with several possible outcomes based on which Holiday instant ticket the Snapchatter received. Active throughout the majority of Q4, the Lens proved to be highly engaging. Snapchatters were quick to share the Lens with their friends and family so that others could join in on the fun and try it out for themselves.

The brand found that the best method to achieve their KPI was through a broad target approach aimed at the 18+ crowd. Specifically targeting Snapchatters who were unfamiliar with or rarely played the Illinois Lottery, the brand used instants as a strategy to build awareness. Because of this strategic approach, the Illinois Lottery was able to uncover essential findings about the age and gender cohorts. Brand awareness significantly rose across all targeted age groups, but especially among 18-34 year olds. Additionally, all categories showed the strongest lift among female Snapchatters. Finally, brand favorability saw the greatest increase among the 35+ category. 

Illinois Lottery Hits the Jackpot on Snapchat

The campaign was a huge success for the Illinois Lottery, attributed largely in part to the Lens, which generated an overall share rate of 1.05% — translating to more than 200,000 earned impressions and 137,000 earned reach! The brand saw a +12 point lift in brand awareness, +3 points in ad awareness, +5 points in brand favorability, and + 4 points in action intent.1 

Looks like on Snapchat, a little scratch can go a long way!

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1 Kantar (Millward Brown) Resonance Study 2021