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September 23, 2022
September 23, 2022

IKEA Ramadan AR-powered Virtual Mall Campaign Drove Remarkable Brand and Performance Results

IKEA's Ramadan AR-powered Virtual Mall Campaign
IKEA's Ramadan AR-powered Virtual Mall Campaign


lift in Ad Awareness


lift in Action Intent




incremental reach from AR in UAE
The Story
IKEA is a global home furnishing brand that brings affordability, design and comfort to people all over the world. Its vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. 
IKEA has taken part in Snapchat’s 1st ever Ramadan Virtual Mall to bring utmost relevance in communication to Snapchatters in this special occasion. 
The objective of the campaign was to drive awareness behind their kitchen category in UAE and Qatar.

The Solution
IKEA adopted premium ad formats across both camera and content.
Within the camera, they took part in the Snapchat Ramadan Virtual Mall, highlighting a unique kitchen experience and educating on best selling products. Their lens was promoted through First lens bookings and ongoing auction bidding throughout the campaign duration in UAE and Qatar.
Simultaneously and within content, they ran a combination of Platform Burst (Snap Ads, Story Ads and Commercials) and ongoing Snap Ads and Story Ads leveraging creators' content as part of the virtual mall communication plan.
In parallel, a Brand Lift study was set up to measure brand metrics such as Brand Awareness, Ad Awareness, Brand Favorability and Action intent.

The Results
IKEA Ramadan campaign results not only surpassed its awareness objectives but has delivered 5.5x ROAS in UAE and 3.8X ROAS in Qatar.1
AR has delivered 47% incremental reach in UAE over video showing the existence of a unique audience in the camera.2
Influencer video content ads helped in driving outstanding conversion resulting in an average 8.6X ROAS in UAE.3
The campaign reach was 1.67M in UAE and 437K in Qatar and the brand lift study has shown significant lifts in Ad Awareness +9pts & Action Intent +8pts in UAE.4
First Commercials delivered great results as well with +5 pts lift in brand awareness, + 4pts lift in ad awareness, +9 pts lift in brand favorability and +6 pts lift in action intent.5 20% of users were reached incrementally with First Commercials.6

“In a world that has changed accelerated digital adoption in the last two years making consumers much more comfortable with and increasingly seeking unique, engaging, brand experiences Snapchat presented an opportunity for us to bring to life a Virtual Reality shopping experience that has engaged thousands of customers from the comfort of their living rooms or offices. This has demonstrated the strength of what we can bring through such an innovative platform and engage customers and drive value where they are already present”
- Dina Al Sahhar, IKEA Regional Marketing Manager

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