H&R Block Tackles Tax Season With a Multi-Product Approach on Snapchat

Lift in Brand Association from Snap Select Commercials¹

Lift in Ad Awareness Among Snapchatters 25-34 for Overall Campaign²

93% VCR
for Snap Select Commercials³

14 Secs
Average Lens Playtime³

H&R Block Turns to Snapchat to Increase Awareness

H&R Block is a tax preparation company on a mission to help make filing taxes a whole lot easier and stress-free. Looking to create large-scale brand relevance and encourage meaningful participation, the brand decided to align their latest campaign with high-profile moments like the Super Bowl to get their name front and center and remind users to file their taxes!

Hoping to also increase awareness with a Gen Z audience — particularly those interested in sports — H&R Block turned to Snapchat to create a multi-product ad campaign that would bring their brand to the forefront while building association around tax season and reminding viewers to file.

Using AR Lens and Snap Select Commercials

To bring their vision to life, H&R Block partnered with Snapchat to activate a fun and engaging AR Lens experience that enabled Snapchatters to toggle between some of the most iconic “seasons” of the year, including football season, the holidays, and, most importantly, tax season!

Additionally, H&R Block opted to create a Snap Select campaign, which enables brands to buy and reserve Snapchat’s six-second, non-skippable Commercials for the platform’s most premium content. For this particular campaign, H&R Block purchased Commercials through the Sports Bundle to increase reach, and the ads were placed within Snapchat’s curated top sports shows to capitalize on the momentum of Super Bowl season.

Results that Drive Playtime and Encourage Snapchatters

To effectively measure the success of their campaign, H&R Block focused on KPIs like video completion rate (VCR) for the Snap Select Commercials as well as shares, saves, and average camera playtime for the AR Lens campaign. In terms of platform metrics, the campaign ultimately performed in line with or above benchmarks.

The Snap Select Commercials specifically drove 9.1 million video completions at a VCR of 93%, which falls within the benchmark of 90–95%. Additionally, the Commercials drove 46,000 swipe-ups with a click-through rate of 0.38% — that’s 153% stronger than campaign results from another key platform! This is an excellent indicator that even while consuming curated content, the targeted user base on Snapchat is still interested in the ads and are actively clicking to discover more.

The AR Lens saw 437,000 shares and 48,000 saves, both within their respective benchmarks. And, because the Lens was built to drive longer playtime, it achieved an average playtime of 14 seconds, which is above the benchmark.³ Overall, the results show that the Lens not only drove playtime but also encouraged Snapchatters to share with friends, increasing the brand’s reach.

Finally, during its original flight, the overall campaign drove a +13-point lift in ad awareness among Snapchatters ages 25–34 and a +6-point lift in brand favorability among Snapchatters over 35.² During the extended flight, which only ran the Snap Select Commercials, H&R Block saw a +7-point lift in brand association overall.¹ With these impressive results, it looks like a major win for the teams at H&R Block and Snapchat!

Partnering with Snapchat helped H&R Block successfully reach the right audience and engage them in a fun, interactive manner using Snap’s augmented reality product at the right time by engaging users in one of the biggest sports moments — the Super Bowl. We were able to gain incremental reach by placing relevant content within Snap’s premium commercial placement, amplifying the message further. We continue to reinvent and optimize across Snap’s suite of products, achieving efficient results

Pragya Sharoff, Director, Paid Social at GALE

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