How Battle of Kings Won The Battle of Installs with Snap SKAN Campaign


lower Cost Per Purchase on Snap SKAN campaign vs other platforms


lower Cost Per Install on Snap SKAN campaign vs non-SKAN activity

The Story: The Rise of an Empire

Tamatem’s meteoric rise is testament to the power of a great idea. When founder and CEO Hussam Hammo discovered less than 1% of app store games were available in Arabic, Tamatem set out to redress the balance. Fast-forward nine years, and the Jordanian publisher — named after the Arabic word for tomato — is a leader in its field, creating dozens of titles specifically for the Arabic-speaking world.

More than just a reskin, Tamatem’s process puts games through a local cultural lens to unlock growth in the MENA region and beyond. The MENA market offers fantastic ROI and scale for their global titles.

Helping to drive this journey is Snapchat. Tamatem was one of the first gaming companies in MENA to partner with Snap. It now uses the platform as its primary UA channel and trusted testing ground for all creative endeavours and campaigns worldwide.

The Solution: A Strategic Masterclass 

Tamatem’s strategy title, Clash Of Empire: Global War ‘تحدي الملوك | حرب السلاطين', lets players strategise ways to achieve global domination in the game. While the marketing strategy involves fewer swords and more data, it is no less ambitious. 

To promote the game, Tamatem first dug into best practices, different campaign structures, and creative recommendations through a test and learn approach. The Tamatem team went on to utilise almost every tool in the Snapchat toolkit, taking a multi-product approach that included both Snap Ads and Story Ads.

Tamatem adopted a smart approach to guarantee the richest ad level reporting possible on the SKAdNetwork. Experimenting with different creative concepts in separate ad sets fuelled the team with the insights they needed to perfect the ad selection. A Snap Business Profile further enhanced this integration, delivering a rich and connected experience for fans organically on Snapchat.

The Result: Rolling Out and Scaling Up

Leveraging the full Snapchat Ad portfolio and diversity of ad themes has reaped enormous rewards for Tamatem, including benchmark-beating SKAN performance. The metrics for Clash Of Empire speak for themselves:

  • 20% lower Cost Per Purchase on Snap SKAN campaign vs other platforms1

  • 54% lower Cost Per Install on Snap SKAN campaigns vs non-SKAN activity1

With improved optimisation and delivery models for Story Ads on SKAN, facilitated by the Snap Product team, Tamatem saw enhanced reporting and results — leading to it increasing investment in the format. Snapchat was also the only platform on which it observed in-app purchases from users generated through SKAN campaigns.

With a plethora of positive metrics, Tamatem is now investing in full funnel activity with Snap for performance and brand awareness, launching Collection Ads, Commercials and a brand-awareness-building AR lens.

As it continues its global expansion, setting its sights on other emerging markets, Tamatem is harnessing its rich learnings from Snap, rolling them out and scaling them up across new campaigns and other touchpoints. It’s the fuel helping take Hussam Hammo’s business from idea to empire.

"The Snapchat team has been incredibly helpful with insights on optimising our campaigns and on updating us with their new product offerings like SKAdNetwork.

By testing products like Story Ads with SKAdNetwork campaigns and Purchase goal optimisation we have seen great results since day one. The team has also helped us with setting up creatives for the iOS 14 campaigns.

Snapchat continues to remain our No.1 platform for user acquisition efforts."

- Aya Khassawneh and Shobhit Sajwan, User Acquisition, Tamatem Games

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