Success Story
Success Story

Hopper used radius targeting to boost high quality user acquisition


Greater likelihood of Snapchatters to watch a flight on Hopper vs. users acquired on other platforms


Flight book rate of Snapchatters vs. users acquired on other platforms


Decrease in CPI by using radius targeting

The Story

Hopper is an airline-booking app that helps its users find the best time to fly and buy. Using a predictive algorithm to get its customers the best deals, Hopper’s users can ‘watch’ the flights they’re interested in to receive notifications on when to take action. Looking to drive more engaged users, Hopper came to Snapchat to reach a new audience of millennials who would not only download the app, but would watch and book flights. 

The Solution

Hopper used a combination of location radius targeting and geographically-relevant creative to effectively reach the Snapchatters most likely to engage. It set airports nationwide as its central points, and applied a radius around them to reach Snapchatters with a high likelihood of booking travel out of each respective airport. With this targeting in place, Hopper developed creative for specific flight deals, with each airport as the route’s point of origin. This meant that Texans likely to use Dallas as their travel hub were shown ads for flight deals from DAL to Los Angeles. From these hyper-local Snap ads, Snapchatters could swipe up to seamlessly download the app and proceed to watch the route or buy the flight on Hopper. 

Using simple, static ads with a clear call to action, Hopper could quickly scale its tailored creative for various routes. This combination of smart radius targeting and geographically-relevant creative gave Snapchatters a sense of urgency to install Hopper and watch these routes.

The Results

Snapchatters quickly proved to be much more engaged than the users Hopper acquired on other platforms. They were 37% more likely to watch a route, and the rate of booking from those watchers was 4x as high as Hopper’s other primary acquisition channels. By introducing radius targeting to its strategy, Hopper was also able to cut its cost per install in half, and confidently scale its investment in Snapchat by 5x.