Success Story
Success Story

Homa sees 10% higher ROAS from Snapchat vs. average of other paid networks


lower CPI vs. other paid networks

4.5 ppt

better D1 retention vs. other paid networks


higher ROAS on D3 than the average of other paid networks

The Story
Homa Games is a leading mobile gaming publishing company based out of Paris, France. They are a global company that’s been established for 1 year, seeing incredible growth as a business and publishing some of the world’s leading Hyper Casual games. They partnered with Snapchat to help establish their brand as the world’s best gaming publishing company and scale their games.
The Solution: Snap Ads
For the upcoming launch of their game, Idle World, Homa was looking to acquire quality users that would lead to profitability. They ran a Snap Ads campaign with broad targeting to reach & acquire users at scale. They optimized toward an App install goal using Auto Bid and Max Bid. Thanks to their tracking they were able to compare Snap performance with other paid networks on lower-funnel metrics such as retention and revenue per user.
Homa found that developing bespoke creative for Snapchat was a key factor in driving success for their campaigns. They tested a lot, playing with different creative formats and consistently swapped out creatives to make sure there was no ad fatigue. Ultimately, they were able to drive further efficiencies by optimizing the creatives with the best cost per install and return on investment.
The Result
Snapchat was the best performing network for Homa in terms of scale, retention, and revenue, making them a key strategic partner for Homa after seeing quick success with their campaigns on the platform. Snapchat helped them acquire high-quality users, which ultimately drove bottom-line revenue for Homa Games.
To learn more about Homa Games, visit their official website here
1 Source: Homa internal data