Success Story
Success Story

Snapchat drives 15% increase in HiSmile's daily revenue


Completion rate


Lower cost per purchase than target goal 


Increase in total average daily revenue

The Story

HiSmile's easy-to-use, stylishly designed oral cosmetic products range from toothpaste to mouthwash to teeth whitening kits. The three-year-old Australian company came to Snapchat to drive awareness and purchase of its products from a new audience it was not able to find on other platforms. 

The Solution: Story Ads

In order to drive consideration at scale, HiSmile leveraged Snap Lifestyle Categories like Music, Sports Fans and Gamers, and used its own customer lists to develop lookalike audiences. This strategy allowed the company to scale its reach, while focusing its spend on high-potential Snapchatters who shared characteristics with its existing purchasers. HiSmile complemented this reach tactic with a re-engagement campaign, using the Snap Pixel to develop audiences of past site visitors who exhibited high intent to purchase.

HiSmile also kept its creative fresh, constantly testing different lengths, talent, and styles to learn what worked best with the Snapchat audience. They ultimately found the most success with an endemic, direct to camera style featuring a singular focus on the product and logo to drive qualified swipe ups.

The Results 

HiSmile was able to scale its budgets with confidence after seeing ROI from their Snapchat campaigns. Ultimately, they were able to drive new qualified customers to their website which led to a 15% increase in revenue.