Hismile Sees Last Click Performance Jump Thanks to Performance Update

Increase in
Conversion Rate

Increase in
Attributed ROAS

Increase in RPU

Higher AOV

Diversification through Last-click Conversions

From its humble beginnings as an at-home teeth whitening treatment to becoming a trailblazer in smile care, Hismile has built a rich and illustrious history in the global ecommerce landscape. Hismile’s product offerings have now become globally renowned, from their whitening strips, to colour correcting serum to their toothpaste.

Seeking to diversify their marketing channels and placing a strong emphasis on last-click conversions in Google Analytics, the Snapchat team presented the solution of the recently launched 7/0 optimization window. This implementation resulted in instant success for Snapchat, as evidenced by the significant impact on Google Analytics.

The Magic of the 7/0 Optimization Window Tool

Adopting a back-to-basics approach, the Hismile team embarked on Snap's platform utilizing only Snap webview ads. Additionally, they embraced the 7/0 optimization window tool, a recent feature on Snapchat Ads Manager tailored primarily for advertisers who prioritize last-click attribution. This synergy allowed Hismile to thrive on the platform.

Massive Results Worth Smiling About

The results were nothing short of incredible, surpassing all previous performance records. Hismile achieved an astounding 861% increase in Last-Click Conversion rate¹, 14% higher AOV², 1003% increase in RPU³ and 2759% increase in Last-click attributed ROAS⁴.

Snapchat has truly reinvented itself with the latest 7/0 optimization update. Our confidence and enthusiasm in adding and expanding them as an additional marketing channel have only been matched by their consistent ability to generate exceptional results for Hismile on a global scale.

Brodie Capel, Digital Manager at Hismile

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