Hershey’s Achieves +29pts Ad Awareness in Memorable REESE'S Multi-Product Campaign


lift in ad awareness

1 million

earned impressions

The Story

Hershey’s partnered with Snapchat to strengthen their ‘Nothing Else is REESE'S” positioning and bring this campaign to life in a fresh way. Hershey aimed to build awareness and drive engagement with the Snapchat generation and specifically Millennials. The ‘Nothing Else is REESE'S” campaign was successful in driving these key KPIs - seeing lifts in Ad Awareness and considerable time spent with the branded experiences.

The Solution

In partnership with Hershey’s, the Snapchat team strategically designed and built an equity campaign that included the full gamut of the platform’s ad offering, harnessing both the camera and content to deliver on the campaign’s objectives.

This multi-product solution included a major focus on the Snapchat Camera to engage Snapchatters with elements such as Augmented Reality Lenses (including a National Takeover) and contextual Filters, designed to enable the REESE’S brand to become part of Snapchatters’ conversations. 

This focus on Camera marketing was paired with a robust presence in content, and included placement between user stories, and in premium Discover content. In addition, Snapchat and Hershey built custom Story Ad units which engaged users and invited them to ‘tap to unwrap’, unveiling REESE'S product in the process. 

The Result

Snapchatters found the campaign memorable, improving Ad Awareness by 29 pts & exceeded category benchmarks.1 Snap Ads, Commercials and Story Ads included upfront product shots with audio & visual sensory cues proved to hold Snapchatters attention. 

The Camera strategy paid-off, resulting in meaningful engagement. The National Lens aligning with 'I Love REESE'S Day delivered a 6.74% Share Rate, delivering over 1 million earned impressions.2 Snapchatters further shared their ‘REESE'S moment’ with a contextual Filter achieving a 5.3% share rate exceeding the historical average. 3

REESE'S focus on driving awareness and engagement lead to our partnership with Snapchat, where we leveraged a multi-product approach which delivered best-in-class results. The creativity and collaboration from the Snapchat team allowed us to bring our Nothing Else is REESE'S campaign to life in a unique way that resonated with our core consumers. Due to the high-performance on consumer metrics and business results, we’ve established an on-going executional strategy with Snapchat and look forward to continue to be bold, creative and relevant.

-Mathieu Gamache, Senior Marketing Manager, REESE'S at Hershey Canada

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of P13+ Snapchat users May 18 - August 30, 2020. Control n= 480 exposed n=571
2 Snap Inc. internal data May 18, 2020
3 Snap Inc. internal data May 18, 2020 - August 30, 2020