Heineken Used Snapchat’s Video Products to Drive a 6pt Boost in Brand Awareness for Old Mout in the UK


lift in brand awareness


lift in ad awareness


lift in action intent

The Story

During the build up to summer, Heineken wanted to increase awareness and purchase intent of Old Mout cider amongst their key audience of 18-34 year olds.

The Solution

Heineken utilised a combination of full screen, sound on Snap Ads and Commercials to drive maximum impact whilst reaching Snapchatter’s across the different touch points within the app. 

The Result

Thanks to the multi format approach and creative aligning to our best practice, the campaign saw a +6pt lift in Brand Awareness, +9pt lift in Ad Awareness and a +8th lift in Action Intent1.

On top of the incredible brand lift results, combining Commercials and Snap Ads resulted in the campaign reaching over 5.7M Snapchatters over the course of the campaign, while delivering 80,221 swipe ups2. The Commercials did a fantastic job of landing the product messaging with view through rates coming in at 84% and the format achieving a cost per completed view of under £0.01.

"Snapchat played an important role in the media mix for Old Mout due to the alignment in audience against the 18-34 demo. It's fantastic to see the significant impact that Snapchat's high attention video formats had on the performance of the campaign and we look forward to further expanding upon our investment on the platform in the future."
- Jimmy Hughes, Social Lead - Heineken

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1 Snap Inc Brand lift survey, 28/04/21-30/05/21, Control Sample=386, Exposed Sample=425
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of 29/04/21-30/05/21