Heineken Netherlands sees huge success with 150 anniversary campaign on Snapchat

+21pt lift

in ad awareness from the campaign

+13pt lift

in message association from the campaign

+19pt lift

in message association with 35+ audience
The Story:
In the last 150 years people have invented an incredible amount of nicknames for their favorite Dutch beer Heineken, such as Goud Gele Rakker, Koude Kletser and Biertje. In this campaign we celebrated Heineken and the many nicknames people have given the brand over the years.
And because it was their  150th anniversary Heineken decided to go all out on Snapchat.

The Solution:
Heineken paid close attention to see what works on Snapchat and really tailored their campaign to the user behaviour on the platform.
They used the Total Takeover during this anniversary campaign to have one big, impactful moment to celebrate with as many Snapchatters as possible. This was followed by a multi product campaign where video assets were optimised specifically for Snapchat and an AR Lens was created to allow Snapchatters to share their favorite nickname for Heineken.
The Result:
The results of the campaign showed Snapchatters were in the mood to join this celebration and Heineken’s Snapchat first approach really paid off.
Heineken saw an 21pt increase in ad awareness, whilst message association increased by 13pts - both absolutely smashing Snapchat’s internal benchmarks. 
Interestingly, the campaign performed especially well with the 35+ audience - where Heineken saw  a 19pt lift in message awareness. 
If the 150th anniversary were not enough of a reason to celebrate for Heineken, these results certainly are. Cheers!