Hardee’s Uses Snapchat to Help Modernize its Brand Image


playtime with stellar duration in Qatar of 35s and 24s in UAE


brand awareness lift vs. the MENA norm

+14 pp

purchase intent amongst 18-20 yrs old

The Story

Snapchat partnered with Hardee’s and Initiative to build the GO ALL IN positioning with the objective of modernizing the brand image to emotionally connect with consumers while building the equity of their core beef and chicken burger ranges, backed up by rational messages around quality, size and uniqueness of their burgers. The brand sponsored the release of the Godzilla vs King Kong movie in order to reinforce the brand’s territory of unapologetically large, tasty, indulgent burgers which fill you up.

The Solution: Lens and Commercials

In order to reinforce the GO ALL IN brand positioning we wanted Hardee’s to showcase a bold, carefree, unapologetic attitude to life. We therefore partnered with the brand to focus on a campaign with dual formats focusing on a lens enabling users to choose their Godzilla or King Kong burger leading them to experience the movie character.

The Results

The results across the region were outstanding with the lens delivering more than 15 million impressions with an average playtime of 15s1. Specific countries such as Qatar and UAE witnessed a stellar playtime of 35s and 24s respectively1. Commercials on the other hand delivered more than 2.9 million impressions with a eCPV of 0.005$ and a VTR of 90%1. The campaign delivered +6 points2 lift in brand awareness which is double the norm for MENA and +14  points2 lift in purchase intent within the 18-20 age group.

"Snapchat is helping us to reach a right and engaged audience set. It was a pleasure working with the Snapchat team, and it felt like we were co-creating this project. Entire Hardee’s team is very happy with Godzilla vs Kong campaign performance and its role in strengthening Hardee’s Go All In positioning."


- Anupama Jangid, Lead Digital & Media, Hardee’s

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 28th - April 12th 2021
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 960 Snapchat users March 28 - April 12 2021. Control n= 480 exposed n=480