Happy Paw-liday Shopping by Petco and Snap


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The Story
Petco — a category-defining health and wellness company focused on improving the lives of pets, pet parents, and its own Petco partners — teamed up with Snapchat to create a strategic, fun-filled campaign for the holiday season. To spread festive cheer, Petco opted for a shoppable Lens AR experience, so pet parents could find gifts for their furry friends while also making magical moments together.
Shopping and Special Moments
Petco’s campaign targeted a wide variety of unique users, using first-party, third-party, and custom audiences to expand reach. With the goal of driving engagement by getting consumers to celebrate the holiday season, Petco and its agency of record, Horizon Media, worked with Snapchat to create a shoppable AR experience. Using the randomizer tool, Petco featured five of the brand’s best-selling products in the Lens. By switching to their back camera, Snapchatters were able to tap each product and fill Santa’s bag with gifts for their pet. To make the experience even more fun and festive, Petco leveraged AR facial-recognition technology to allow consumers to use their selfie camera and pose with their furry friend in-frame. Pet parents could match with their pet dress in holiday-themed headwear while gaining easy entry into the shopping experience with just one tap. 
Petco used the goal-based bidding feature to optimize purchases and drive ROAS. By leveraging Snapchat’s Conversions API (CAPI), the brand was able to gain a more accurate, holistic view of their performance for both online and offline purchases.
A Celebration of Amazing Results
Petco’s holiday campaign was a massive success: The Lens reached over 1 million Snapchatters, driving an 11-point lift in action intent1, and an Omni-ROAS of 11x2.  The use of AR as a direct-response tactic successfully drove incremental revenue for the brand during the holiday season, proving the power of the camera in driving lower-funnel results.
By implementing the CAPI to share signals and optimize toward the best performance possible, Snapchat and Petco showed the true value of Snapchat’s media — on and offline.
"As brands look for innovative ways to break through in a busy media landscape during the holidays, we found an e-commerce solution by partnering with Snapchat to create an interactive and shoppable Lens.
The goal was to drive awareness of Petco as a holiday shopping one-stop destination for pets and pet parents and give users the opportunity to interact with our products.
The incremental traffic to our site and strong ROI made our first Shoppable Lens a success.”
- Jay Altschuler, VP of Media Transformation, Petco

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of November 22 - December 25, 2021
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 811 Snapchat users October 20 - January 1, 2021. Control n= 398 exposed n=413