Gymshark successfully engages Snapchatters with Story Ads in its education-led conversion campaign 


lower cost of sale vs. forecast


more purchases vs. forecast


lower cost per action vs forecast

The Story

Gymshark, the fitness community and apparel brand, was founded in 2012. Since then, it has gained popularity amongst millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers across 131 countries. It works hand-in-hand with Snapchat across all sections of the marketing funnel to create brand awareness campaigns, engage existing and new customers and drive traffic to its website. Snapchat has become an important channel for Gymshark due to the high conversion results from their campaigns, particularly for product launches and supporting sale periods. Given the past success, Gymshark used Snapchat to launch its new sports bra collection with the objective of educating the female consumer on the features and benefits to consider when choosing a sports bra.

The Solution

Gymshark used Story Ads to build a narrative and create a more personalised journey for female Snapchatters before they went on to browse or make a purchase on the website. Typically, Gymshark would use Snap Ads to execute a new product launch. However, for this campaign it found that using Story Ads was the better option in helping achieve the objective of educating consumers and generating direct conversions. Using a total of six cards within each Story Ad, Gymshark was able to implement a range of creatives to help the Snapchatters select which sports bra was best suited to them, depending on their exercise and activity level. The team adopted a multi-targeted approach using Lookalike Audiences and Snap Pixel Data to help engage with women between the ages of 18-45 in the US, UK & CA. 

The Results

Snapchat was Gymshark’s best performing partner for this campaign, driving the highest number of purchases, lowest Cost of Sale and Cost Per Action and highest amount of revenue generated in comparison to all other marketing channels leveraged.1 They concluded that running an education-led conversion campaign resonated well with female consumers and encouraged them to click through on the ads and purchase. By adopting the Story Ad format, Gymshark was able to achieve over the forecasted number of purchases based on their budget, as well as achieve a lower cost per action than initially estimated.

“Snapchat’s Story Ad worked so well for us, especially with our mix of objectives of trying to educate consumers and generate direct conversions. It also allowed our creative team to develop something different rather than creating a video for us for a Snap Ad."

- Aleesha Choda, Paid Social Executive 

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1 Source: Gymshark internal data, Q3 2020