Guerlain Takes Over Snapchat for the Holidays with a Full Funnel Campaign


total reach


lift in brand awareness


lift in brand favorability


lift in brand favorability for users exposed to the Lens

The Story
For the 2020 Holiday season, Guerlain wanted to reach its target on Snapchat to raise brand awareness, brand favourability, and ultimately drive online sales during this very important time of the year for their business.
The Solution
To reach these ambitious goals, Guerlain partnered with Snapchat to develop a full-funnel approach, leveraging all of Snapchat's ad solutions: AR Lenses, Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads, Dynamic Ads and Commercials.
Using the power of Snap's AR platform, Guerlain was able to recreate their enchanted Christmas garden as a World Lens inside the Snapchat camera. This fully immersive experience allowed Snapchatters to interact with multiple types of Guerlain products: fragrances, skincare, and make-up.
The next step of Guerlain's full funnel strategy was to leverage Snapchat's video formats according to their objectives. With Commercials, Guerlain drove video views for their Holiday movie. With Story Ads, Guerlain could tell a longer brand story and engage Snapchatters more deeply.
At the end of the funnel, Guerlain leveraged Collection Ads and Dynamic Ads to drive traffic towards their e-commerce website and generate sales.
The Results
This full-funnel approach was a huge success: overall this multi-format campaign reached 4.1 million Snapchatters in France. 1

The campaign drove an increase in brand awareness of +6 points and an increase in brand favorability of +7 points.

The power of AR to generate a strong emotional connection was put to good use in this campaign: users exposed to the AR Lens saw a +13pt lift in brand favourability, 2 demonstrating the power of Snapchat's AR solutions to move brand metrics.

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1 Snap Inc. internal data November 27 - December 31, 2020
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 950 French Snapchat users November 27 - December 31, 2020. Control n= 470 exposed n=480