Grin Gaming Acquires New Users and Retargets Active Users on Snapchat


lower Cost per Acquisition


lower Cost per Swipe Up


lower Cost per Contest Entry

The Story

Grin Gaming is an online streaming and gaming prediction platform where members can watch live sports games and esports matches, make predictions, and win cash prizes. As online streaming and sports events grow in popularity with millennials and Gen Z in the US, Grin Gaming turned to Snap to deepen its connection with this key demographic and grow its user base during the 2020 holiday season. 

The Solution: Single Image or Video Ads

With the return of live sports in late 2020, Grin Gaming saw an opportunity to leverage mobile ads to acquire new accounts and to re-engage existing users to participate in live events and highly anticipated games. By building a full-funnel marketing strategy, employing Snapchat’s targeting features, and using ad creative that showed the value proposition of their platform, Grin Gaming was able to increase ad engagement and drive Snapchatters to their website where they can participate in live games and events. 

Using the Snap Pixel, Grin Gaming began tracking Snapchatter actions taken on their website, and leveraged this data to retarget those already using the platform through Snapchat’s Custom Audiences. By using Snapchat’s goal-based bidding, Grin Gaming optimized the delivery of their ads to reach Snapchatters most likely to participate in live events and make predictions on their platform. 

The Result

By tapping into Snapchat’s community of mobile savvy Gen Z’ers and millennials, leveraging the Snap Pixel to retarget website visitors and active users, and goal-based bidding to reach those most likely to engage with their platform, Grin Gaming was able to lower their cost per acquisition by 53% and cost per swipe up by 30%, as well as achieve a 35% lower cost per contest entry compared to the 24 days leading up to the campaign1. As Grin Gaming continues to optimize their Snapchat advertising campaigns in 2021, they’ve switched to an “always on” advertising strategy to continue to grow awareness and generate engagement for live events on the platform.

“We love working in Ads Manager. Everything is easy to use and we’re able to surface and act upon insights quickly.”
- Nick Bucheleres, CEO | Grin Gaming

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of 12/1/2020 - 1/18/2021