Golden Scent stands out on Single’s Day


Reach among daily active users in 5 days


Page views in a 5 day period


Lift on Add-to-Cart


Increase on overall Purchases

Golden Scent stands out on Single’s Day

Golden Scent is the leading Saudi e-commerce platform for fragrances and beauty that offers international, Arabic and niche premium perfumes and home fragrances across the GCC since 2014.

For Single’s Day, which is a highly competitive moment for brands, Golden Scent wanted to stand out from the competition by creating maximum awareness & recall in KSA about their brand and brand offering.

Full-Funnel and Takeover solutions for the win

To achieve their goals, Golden Scent partnered with Snapchat and opted to use a full funnel multi-format approach leveraging Platform Burst which enables brands to dominate during highly competitive moments through a mix of Snap products such as Snap ads, Story Ads and Commercials. This ensures brands can reach the maximum target audience within a short period of time efficiently. 

The Snapchat audience is a highly engaged one built around real relationships between friends, family and the world and that boosts the efficiency of solutions such as Platform Burst during highly competitive moments as it allows brands to cut through the noise and deliver the relevant message to Snapchatters leading to phenomenal results.

The scent of success is in the air

Platform Burst reached 44% of daily active users in 5 days through Snap Ads, Story Ads and Commercials ensuring maximum visibility of the brand. This strategy combined with Remarketing increased the total number of sessions, achieved +30% lift on Add-to- Carts, +40% increase on overall Purchases, and +51% on page views in a 5 day period. It also yielded a strong lower funnel performance and App Install.

Finally, Golden Scent followed executional and creative best practices, which enabled them to stand out as a brand during a highly competitive moment and thus achieve remarkable results.

"We are proud of our collaboration with the Snapchat team in drawing a multi-faceted execution plan for making our single's day exceptional 360 marketing campaign and exclusive offers stand out from the crowd in the promotional season at a high share of voice and top of mind on the platform. We saw the success being translated across the whole funnel with Golden Scent clearly being the customer's first choice when it comes to fragrance shopping during the season and beyond."

- Darine El Sabbagh, Managing Director, Golden Scent