Global Village Dubai uses a test-and-learn strategy to increase ticket sales


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The Story
Global Village is a multicultural entertainment destination where more than 90 cultures come together — offering visitors a wide range of experiences from shopping, dining, and live performances. For more than 25 years, Global Village has been on a mission to represent the diversity of cultures in the UAE.

The brand’s experience marketing on Snapchat began by running unpaid Snap filters for three consecutive seasons. After seeing organic success, they wanted to extend their reach even further and significantly reduce their cost per acquisition (CPA). So, they decided to experiment with Snapchat ads.
The Solution
Global Village ran Snapchat ads with the goal of boosting overall ticket sales on their website through a series of prospecting and retargeting campaigns.
Besides boosting sales, Global Village chose to advertise on Snapchat to:
  1. Reach a younger audience
  2. Experiment with innovative ad formats
  3. Benefit from Snapchat’s high engagement rates
  4. Differentiate from their competitors
  5. Build brand awareness
In particular, Global Village liked that Snapchat ads are designed to be full-screen and vertical; making ads more immersive and engaging for the audience.
For example, the colors of Global Village come to life at night as seen in this ad sampling from their Snapchat campaign.
The Result
Global Village sold over 15K tickets with the help of Snapchat ads. They first launched ads with an awareness objective to gather enough audience information to then launch prospecting and retargeting ad sets within the same campaign. By taking the time to test and learn which parameters and creative resonated best with their audience, Global Village reduced their CPA from an initial $4.24 to $1.85 in a matter of months; averaging at $2.30 for their overall campaign.
Advice for other businesses
If your business has a visually appealing and engaging product or service, Snapchat can be a great way to reach a unique audience that skews young.
In fact, it’s possible to generate a positive ROI if you craft content that is tailored to your target audience, ensure continuity in activity and a moderate frequency, and follow best practices. For example, learn more about your audience by taking time to test and learn, utilize the different ad formats, and keep your ads short and engaging.