Game-changers: Voodoo Teams Up with Snap to Find Tomorrow’s Gaming Hits

The Story: Building on 5 billion downloads

There’s nothing slow-paced about Voodoo’s rise to success in the hyper-casual gaming sector. Since launching in 2013, the Paris-based company has published over 100 mobile games, with more than five billion downloads and 300 million monthly active users.1 And last year, Voodoo joined forces with Snap, looking to level up its output by testing new game concepts with over 293 million DAUs on Snapchat.2

The Solution: A partnership for global growth

Easy to understand and fun to play, hyper-casual games are seeing a surge in global demand — responsible for almost 80% of install growth in the mobile gaming industry.3 It’s a highly competitive market that relies on low CPIs and high retention rates, where a robust user acquisition strategy and scale are key.

Snap partnered closely with Voodoo’s team to provide ongoing specialist solutions and engineer support, customising Snap’s API capabilities specifically for the Voodoo Publishing Platform. This custom integration enables developers to plug in prototype games and test on Snapchat, all without leaving the Voodoo ecosystem. The benefits to developers are rich and numerous, including:

  • Up to 10 videos for any one game can be tested at scale across the Snap Ads portfolio 

  • Voodoo automatically connects to Snapchat Ads ecosystem via the Snapchat Marketing API integration to create and configure the campaign, ad set, and ads 4

  • Daily budgets and campaign length can be set 

  • Data on SKAdNetwork Conversions for iOS14.5+ campaigns 

  • Leveraging Snap modelized ad-level reporting for SKAD campaigns 

This is a game-changer for the industry. With Snap’s API, developers effectively have double the performance data — with two CPI values for every prototype. Results are reported on Voodoo’s Publishing Platform dashboard several times a day, arming studios with the multi-platform insights they need to identify the games with the strongest potential of becoming the next Helix Jump or Crossy Road.

The Result: Next-level insights on future hits

These deep insights from Snap’s API integration with the Voodoo Publishing Platform are now a critical tool for developers to gauge appetite for a prototype before moving into a full launch phase — and the results help Voodoo identify future hits in the top charts.

It’s a win-win scenario: an ongoing partnership delivering unparalleled data on a game’s marketability, plus favourable metrics from global campaigns. Voodoo’s Mob Control displayed a markedly better CPI on Snap vs. other platforms, and titles like Balls Duel and 2 The Moon have seen enormously successful launches built off the back of great CPI insights on Snap during the prototype phases.

As for Snapchatters, they get to enjoy a stream of new gaming experiences, some of which may become the next big hit – such as Voodoo’s Aquapark IO, which has accumulated close to 45 million players on the Snap Games platform. 5

"We are a peculiar —and very demanding — client as our business is all about volume: our studios test loads of new game ideas every week on our platform. Snap’s API fully supports our prototyping model, creating seamless integration for the studios that opt-in.

Snapchat has a great team and is a true partner — pushing us, supporting us, and letting us push the limits and test further.“

- Olivier Duprat, Senior Product Manager


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