Success Story
Success Story

Fusebox Love Island achieves a 8x ROAS for their first mobile gaming experience by partnering with Snapchat


higher LTV vs goal/competitors


better retention rate vs goal/competitors


lower CPI than goal/competitors

The Story

Fusebox Love Island is a mobile game that allows users to compete on a romantic game show where hot singles try to find love in paradise. Players take on the role as a female contestant on the show and compete against 10 others for love. Players choose their own destiny by making narrative choices to determine how their story ultimately unfolds. As the first version of the mobile game for the show, Fusebox enlisted Snapchat to acquire new and highly engaged users - an audience that values a mobile-first gaming experience.

The Solution

In order to reach the quality users who would most likely download the game, Fusebox used Snap Ads with App Install to easily acquire new users efficiently. Fusebox’s target audience, women between 17 to 25, aligned perfectly with Snapchat’s core demographic. They used a combination of lookalike and predefined audience targeting to effectively reach Snapchatters who were most likely to engage. Narrowing their focus to Snapchat Lifestyle Categories such as People Interested in Reality TV Shows and Online Shoppers allowed Fusebox to attract valuable users who both downloaded and played with the game.

Fusebox also A/B tested creative iterations to promote the new mobile game. They learned that the simpler the ads, the better. The best performing creative was demonstrative, showing Snapchatters how to play the game in a short period of time.

The Result

Fusebox gained an 8x ROAS from their Snapchat campaign in the UK while the tv show, Love Island, was on air. Since activating on Snapchat, they have learned how to produce creative that aligns best with their audience and the platform. Fusebox plans on expanding their activity on Snapchat by expanding their use of Snapchat ad formats in their future campaigns.