FTY Sees Benchmark-Beating CPI with Snap SKAN Campaign


lower CPI than other platforms’ SKAN campaigns


lower CPI than FTY’s internal benchmark

The Story: Driving results with SKAN
Benchmarks are made to be broken, and one company doing exactly that is hyper-casual game developer FTY on Snapchat. 
The Japan-based studio has been blazing a highly effective path in adapting its ad campaigns for SKAdNetwork (or SKAN for short). Its results are clear proof that industry-leading performance metrics can coexist with Apple’s latest App Tracking Transparency (ATT) changes.
With a new game in the pipeline, stop the flow! — a 150-level line-drawing mission to save a city from waves, magma, and enemies — FTY turned to Snap. It wanted to configure a SKAN campaign with a clear aim: to drive installs at the lowest possible CPI.
The Solution: Tuning Snap SKAN campaigns for individual markets 
Global markets clearly defined and a 13+ iOS audience pinpointed, FTY created multiple ad sets, optimised for the specific goals of each market.
If you can clear this, your IQ is 180
If you can clear this, your IQ is 180.
Working closely with the team at Snap, the studio applied several creative best practices to fine-tune its campaign and drive outstanding results — employing messaging such as ‘if you can clear this, your IQ is 180’ to generate intrigue and engage Snapchatters. Longer-form Snap Ads also helped users understand the gameplay for stop the flow!.
All activity was configured for a Snap Ads SKAN campaign at speed to ensure there was no delay in reaching users who had upgraded to iOS14.5. The performance of each ad set was closely tracked and optimised throughout.
The Result: Performance without compromise 
Investing in SKAN activity on Snapchat delivered the scale and efficiency critical to both FTY and any successful hyper-casual game — beating not only internal targets for stop the flow! but exceeding industry and category performance benchmarks.
  • 25% lower CPI than other platforms’ SKAN campaigns1
  • 20% lower CPI than FTY’s internal benchmark1
FTY has since expanded its activity into Story Ads and introduced Snap SKAN campaigns for more titles, running data-led campaigns with zero compromise in performance.
1 FTY LLC. internal data 2021